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Post details: Visitors from Japan - California Worldfest 2006

Visitors from Japan - California Worldfest 2006

Over the past several years I have communicated with many people through email as a result of my Website. During the past couple of years I have been corresponding with a wonderful person from Japan. She is one of Jake Shimabukuro's biggest fans. She has a couple close girl friends whom I've corresponded with briefly and in fact met one of them last October at one of Jake's performances in Napa, California.

Jake has been touring non-stop these days and played a couple of shows in Seattle this past week. The girls flew to Seattle and caught both shows and then flew into Sacramento the next day. They arrived at my home in Roseville and we had a wonderful visit. They were very much interested in hearing me play some of Jake's tunes. So of course I did and then we all played a bit and then had a group lesson after lunch. I gave them a tour of my workshop, as they were interested to see where I was making the ukuleles. The shop was a little messy as I have been busy making some molds and other jigs to add a little flexibility to the process.

The following day we met up at Grass Valley at the California Worldfest. There we caught Jake's early show and then got to hang out with him and have dinner together before he went back stage to prepare for his evening performance on the big stage. Jake's performance was outstanding as usual. He plays with so much passion that I find myself feeling mesmerized by the music.

I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend a couple of days and if it weren't for the Internet my wife and I would never have met these wonderful people from Japan. We were a little taken back by how emotional one of them became as we were leaving the festival. It was as if we were family and had known each other for years. It touched me in a special way. I hope we have an opportunity to meet again soon.

I posted some photos HERE.

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