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Post details: Ukecast Beginner Special

Ukecast Beginner Special

Some of you may have seen from the bulletin boards that Chris Miller (Zathras) was profiled on the Apple Computer website previewing how he uses .MAC software to create and upload his Ukecast. This week's episode is up on the Ukeland website. It is a Beginner Special and Chris teamed up with Nipper, creator of the "His Master's Ukulele" installments that frequently appear on the Ukecast, to provide information to assist those folks just starting out or thinking about pursuing the ukulele.

I want to thank Chris for including my version of "Stars and Stripes Forever" in this weeks Ukecast and allowing me to share the bill with the likes of Kimo Watanabe, Howlin Hobbit and Craig Robertson. You can listen to a MP3 version or view the Enhanced version of the Ukecast at the link above.

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