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Post details: Tropical Hawaiian Day - TAB

Tropical Hawaiian Day - TAB

Tonight I'm posting one from the Ka`au Crater Boys that features some killer licks from the master, Troy Fernandez. I hade completed this tab a number of weeks ago but was waiting to get Troy's approval to post it. He contacted me a couple of weeks ago and gave me the go ahead but with the Southern CA Ukulele Festival and the Wine Country Festival activities going on I haven't had time to get it posted until now.

This is a fun 3 chord jam that you can play with a friend and it's even better if you can sing it. I've provided my interpretation of the rhythm but feel free to chunk away with something that works for you.

Tab is located on the tabs page via the link at the top of the page.

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Comment from: Brad [Visitor] ·
Great work as always Dom.

It looks like the WCUF was a blast. Thanks again for inviting me to play, wish I could have made it.

Let me know if you are ever on my side of the ocean and lets get together and jam.

Permalink 10/19/09 @ 13:59
Comment from: dominator [Member]
Thanks Brad. We are going to miss you around here.
Permalink 10/21/09 @ 13:45

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