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Post details: The Christmas Song - Video Tutorial

The Christmas Song - Video Tutorial

Tis the season once again. The holidays are upon us and before you know it Christmas will be hear and gone. Last season Aldrine Guerrero released a downloadable EP titled Four Strings of Christmas” consisting of 6 tracks.

1. Sleigh Ride
2. Winter Wonderland
3. The Christmas Song
4. Up on the Housetop
5. Carol of the Bells
6. Schizophrenic Snowflakes

I had intended to transcribe "The Christmas Song" and post a tab but never got around to it. I got an earlier start on it this year but ran into some challenges while entering it into the Powertab editor. I was afraid it would take too long to get the tab completed so I opted for putting together a quick tutorial. Turns out it wasn’t as quick as I had hoped for and extended into a second video. I will continue to work the tab but for now here are Parts 1 and 2 for Aldrine Guerrero’s arrangement of “The Christmas Song”.

The EP is available for download for a mere $6 US at the following LINK:

In the tutorial I don't actually play the song all the way through so I will be uploading a video of me playing it start to finish probably later today. That should help tie it all together.

I hope you enjoy the videos and are able to play this one for friends and family during the upcoming holidays. Merry Christmas to all.

EDIT: 11/29/09
And here is a video I recorded of the song start to finish to help tie the tutorials all together.

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Comment from: greg [Visitor]
Great job, again! Song seems long but you did a good job. I needed to stop and replay some parts (but that's what is great about it).
Permalink 11/30/09 @ 09:25

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