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Post details: One Note Samba - TAB

One Note Samba - TAB

James Hill gave me the green light to post my “interpretation” of one of his “Live” arrangements of the One Note Samba. The standard notation is reflective of D6 tuning with a low A string, however, there’s no need to change any of the chord shapes to play the arrangement in C6 tuning. Use the same “chord shapes” that are indicated in the tablature staff and it will sound great just down one full step in pitch.

I’d like to point out that the midi file has a 16 measure space of silence which represents the section of percussion on the ukulele. I never did count the actual measures that James plays the percussion in his video or, for that matter, the number of measures I play percussion in my own YouTube video.

This is a great progression. I hope you have fun with it. The tab can be found on the TABS page.

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