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Post details: Official Dominator #010 Tenor Ukulele Giveaway

Official Dominator #010 Tenor Ukulele Giveaway

My wife and I, celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary, have just returned from Kauai`i where we returned the #010 Koa Tenor back "Home" to Kalaheo (where the wood was purchased back in 2007).

During the trip the instrument touched the hands of a host of local musicians including Mike Young, Dane Pabo and Kirby Keough just to name a few.

I have opened a new thread at Ukulele Underground in the "UU Contests" section of the Forums where you can enter the drawing. To have a chance to win the ukulele you will need to become a memeber of the Ukulele Underground Forums. Once you are registered, look for the thread titled "Official Dominator Tenor Ukulele Giveaway" and simply respond requesting to have your username added to the cookie jar.

I will videotape the winning name being drawn from the jar and will make contact with the winner to arrange for shipping.

Good luck to you everybody.

Here's a video of the travels the uke made on our trip.

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