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Post details: Off To Kauai`

Off To Kauai`

It's that time of year again. Heading to Kauai` in the morning for a week of relaxation and, of course, loads of ukulele fun. I will be meeting up with my buddy Kirby Keough and hopefully will meet up with Aldrine and the Ukulele Underground crew as well.

I've been working on transcribing Aldrine's version of "The Christmas Song" but it has been very slow due to the work schedule. If I can't get the tab completed then I may do a quick video tutorial when I get back so folks can have time to learn it before the Holidays are firmly upon us.

See you soon.

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Comment from: Brad Bordessa [Visitor] ·
Hey Dom,

Looks like you are getting spammed.

Have fun on your trip and if you end up on the Big Island (things change) let me know.

Permalink 11/17/09 @ 17:12
Comment from: dominator [Member]
Hi Brad, yep, the spammers got to me while I was gone. Had a great time. It was pretty rainy most of the time but did have a couple of sunny days at the end. Got some video that I will get up later.
Permalink 11/21/09 @ 15:11

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