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Post details: Kalei Gamiao - The Unknown - Video Tutorial - Part 5

Kalei Gamiao - The Unknown - Video Tutorial - Part 5

Things have been crazy busy lately with the Ukulelestar contest and my company Leadership Conference followed by my performance at the premiere of Jake’s Documentary Film at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. However, I took some time last evening to record the 5th installment of the tutorial series for Kalei Gamiao’s “The Unknown”.

Next weekend (March 30 - April 1) is the 4th Annual Reno/Tahoe Ukulele Festival where I will be teaching my “Stress Free Soling” Workshop and performing on the festival stage as well as the Celebrity Ballroom stage on Saturday evening. I will try to get the final video for this tutorial completed sometime next week. If not, it will have to wait until after the Reno festival.

If you’ve been working on the previous 4 videos you should be ready to tackle this one. We are almost there. Take your time and most of all, have fun with it.

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