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Post details: Kalei Gamiao - The Unknown - Video Tutorial

Kalei Gamiao - The Unknown - Video Tutorial

Over the past several weeks I’ve had more than my share of requests for Kalei Gamiao’s The Unknown” which was recorded during one of the episodes of HiSessions. The crew at HiSessions is producing some really hi quality videos of an ever growing number of artists.

Kalei has blossomed into such a great ukulele player over the past few years. When I saw him the first time several years ago he was fantastic but now he has reached another couple of levels. Similar to Jake, not only is he a gifted musician but he is also a very humble and gracious human being. I know he’s working on new songs for his upcoming CD and I’m assuming the Unknown will make the list.

I’m planning to put a tab together but I decided to do a video tutorial to document the process as I learn the song. This way you can get started learning the song along with me.

I get loads of emails with people asking me for specific strum patterns to many of the songs I have in the tab archive or in my videos. The fact is, I rarely think about what strum pattern I’m playing when jamming or playing a song. You need to have a good sense of rhythm and timing and with experience this becomes natural. You can play the exact strum pattern but if you don’t have good a sense of timing and don’t change the chords at the correct time then it’s all for nothing because the playing won’t sound “musical”. On the other hand you can play a much different strum pattern and flow through the progression with good timing, making all the chord changes at the appropriate times, and your playing will sound great and you make it your own.

Therefore, for the purposes of this video tutorial series I’m going to assume those that want to tackle this song already have some basic skills under their belts and can improvise their own strum patterns. I will present some of the basic patterns but I won’t be going into great detail. The patterns I do present will be those I’m playing and most certainly won’t be exactly what Kalei is playing.

Kalei does use a unique strumming technique on many of his songs including The Unknown. Ukulele Underground member ItsAMeCasey has put together a mini-tutorial on the Kalei Gamiao Strum. I recommend that you click the link to the left and view this tutorial. It will help to prepare you for this song.

I will edit this post and put the new videos here as I complete them.

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