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Post details: I'll See You In My Dreams - UPDATED TAB

I'll See You In My Dreams - UPDATED TAB

Tonight I’m posting an updated version of I’ll See You in My Dreams based on Joe Brown’s performance from the DVD “Concert For George”. The entire 2 DVD set is an awesome musical tribute and in my opinion a must have for anyone’s collection.

Over the past week or so there’s been some healthy discussion on various ukulele bulletin boards and forums regarding my original transcription that I posted back in February of 2004. It was pointed out that there were some errors in the music notation as well as incorrect chord names. It only took a few seconds after revisiting the extracted audio from the DVD and the midi file generated in Powertab to realize that this song required a swing tempo.

Over the past couple of evenings Arch Larizza and myself have been burning up some bandwith re-working the transcription. Arch is a cracker jack when it comes to chord construction and theory in general. I sent him my revised transcription and we sent a number of revisions back and forth in an effort to produce a more useful piece of music instruction. I think we have achieved just that. Some of the chord names could still be wrong but with lyrics added, to keep us on track, and a few other enhancements I think it is a huge improvement.

This song is as big an inspiration for attracting new people to the ukulele as is Jake’s While My Guitar Gently Weeps video. I hope this update makes it easier for folks to approach and master this song and I sincerely thank Arch for being the catalyst in identifying the need for a re-work and for his help in the process. It was a very worthwhile exercise.

Updated files are located on the TAB PAGE.

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