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Going To California

A few weeks back my good friend Jon Prown sent me his recording of the once popular Led Zeppelin song “Going to California”. He discovered a ukulele version on YouTube and worked out his own arrangement and recorded it. Here is a link to Jon’s mp3 which is an outstanding interpretation of this classic Jimmy Page tune.

Tonight I’m posting the tab for Going to California arranged for re-entrant ukulele. This tab is a basic interpretation of how I play the arrangement and is not meant to be a reproduction of Jon’s performance. I encourage those interested in learning this arrangement to feel free to change up the strumming wherever you think it will work for you. I’ve incorporated more finger-picking into the arrangement than is really necessary so modify things to make it work better for your own style and skill level. The open chord structure makes it play very well on the ukulele. Remember to navigate to the Tabs page from the link at the top of this page. Good luck and enjoy the arrangement.

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Comment from: Judy Geduldig [Visitor]
Please read your email; I just sent one to you. I am living in your neck of the woods and need to connect with a uke group in the worst way!
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