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Post details: Friday Night Street Stars - The Fountains at Roseville

Friday Night Street Stars - The Fountains at Roseville

Dominator has just completed the first of 4 summer performances at The Fountains at Roseville as part of the Friday Night Street Stars program.

Dominator & Friends (Steve Skidgel and Mark Chrisler) will be providing some fantastic ukulele and guitar music in the beautiful setting known as The Fountains at Roseville.

So bring the kids and come out and enjoy some great music. There are 2 other locations within the Fountains where other performers will be showing there stuff including a juggling act, as sax player and a crooner singing songs from the Rat Pack. I believe there is even a magic act that will be performing on select nights. Performances are from 7-9pm.

Hope to see you soon.

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