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Barnkicker Rag - Tab

At the recent Milwaukee Ukulele Festival I had the distinct pleasure to meet father and daughter duo, Steve and Amanda Boisen, better known as “The Barnkickers”. Their music is infectious and they are absolutely wonderful to see live. Their latest CD, “Up Before Noon” consists of 12 fantastic tracks including a great original ragtime piece composed by Steve titled “Barnkicker Rag”.

At the pre-festival party Steve played the song for me and asked if I would be interested in transcribing it for an upcoming method and songbook he has in the works. It’s a great tune and after hearing it I agreed to give it a shot. Steve worked very closely with me and the resulting tab is about as accurate as we could have hoped for. Steve has graciously allowed me to post the tab here at Dominator Ukulele Tabs and I strongly encourage everyone to purchase the CD. You can download just the mp3 or the entire CD by clicking HERE. Again, I recommend purchasing the entire CD. You will NOT be disappointed.

Enjoy this great tune. Tabs can be downloaded from the TABS page. I have some Christmas tabs in the works that I plan to post in the coming weeks.

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