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Post details: A Special Birthday Gift

A Special Birthday Gift

I performed with Mike Goroll at the Dono dal Cielo Vineyard last weekend and received a very special gift from a wonderful little girl that Joanne and I met not long ago. Alexi, 8, likes art and is a very creative soul. While making herself a charm bracelet she suggested to her mother that she make something for me since it was my birthday last Sunday. Saturday afternoon she came to the vineyard and presented me with my special ukulele “bling” that she created from the image on one of my Dominator T-Shirts. It also has two charms. One says Aloha on one side and Hawaii on the other and the other charm is a plumeria flower. I was very moved by this wonderful gesture of Aloha. Thanks so much, Alexi. Your wonderful gift is dangling very proud from my new ukulele.

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