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Post details: A Soprano for Russ_Buss

A Soprano for Russ_Buss

I recently finished this wonderful little soprano (Dominator Soprano number 005) for a good friend of mine. This is the last of this highly figured tiger maple that I've had for a number of years. This is the little sister to the 2nd soprano I built for John Rockwell. Though it has a beautiful and distinct voice I don't believe it has as big a voice as number 002.

Here are a few specs:
13.5” scale length soprano
Spruce top
Tiger stripe maple back and sides
Curly maple binding on top
Width at nut – 1 1/2”
Figured maple neck w/carbon fiber reinforcement rod
Ebony finger board – 12 frets clear
Ebony peg head overlay with Paua abalone logo
Paua abalone combination side and FB markers at 5th, 7th, and 10th
Paua abalone Rosette
Ebony through Bridge
Bone nut and compensated saddle
Planetary geared peg tuners
Hand rubbed gloss lacquer finish
Aquilla Concert gauge strings

Here is a SOUND SAMPLE straight into the mics. No EQ or processing of any kind:
The first clip is an original jazz improvisation using the nails of my right hand. The next clip is a section of the same song played with the thumb of my right hand. Clip 3 is an excerpt from The Barnkicker Rag by Steve Boisen (which I transcribed recently and is available on the tabs page)and the last clip is an excerpt from Neal Paisley's Gossip which is also available on the tabs page.

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Comment from: Preston Lloyd from Ut. [Visitor]
Dom., Would like for you to contact me by email. Lost your emai address
Permalink 10/28/11 @ 01:26
Comment from: russ buss [Visitor] ·
it looks amazing and sounds great Dominator. i can't wait to pick it up!

Permalink 10/28/11 @ 18:13
Comment from: dominator [Member]
See you Saturday Russell. Looking forward to it.
Permalink 11/01/11 @ 11:56

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