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Archives for: August 2011

Milwaukee Uke Fest - 2011

The 3rd Annual Milwaukee Uke Fest is coming up on September 24th at the Sunset Playhouse in Elm Grove, Wisconsin. There is a great lineup of workshops, performances and entertainment guaranteeing a great time.

Yours truly will be doing a co-workshop with the very talented Jon Prown and Narciso (Seeso) Lobo. Jon will look at the seemingly mysterious but surprisingly simple relationship between melodies and chords. Playing fingerstyle uke is actually within the grasp of us all. The key is to understand how the melody line and backing chords in any song compliment one another. This session also will explore alternative chord variations and inversions as a way of spicing up both your rhythm and fingerstyle playing. Dominator will be presenting “Stress Free Soloing” for beginners and intermediate players. No need to get bogged down with scales and too much theory in the beginning. Basic, yet melodically pleasing, solos can be crafted by looking at the notes within the chords, alternate chord voicings (inversions) as well as the execution of simple two note voicings referred to as double stops.

Jon, Seeso and I will also be performing a dinner concert after the workshop. Visit the MUF website at the link above and get your reservations made. We’re all looking forward to another fantastic festival in Milwaukee.