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Archives for: March 2011

Tahoe Area Ukulele Festival - 2011

The 3rd Annual Tahoe Area Ukulele Festival is in the books. What a great weekend (aside from the relentless snowfall) of ukulele fun. I made some new friendships and had the privelage of sharing the stage with a number of musicians for the first time including Kris Fuchigami, Brook Adams, Hiram Bell and Daniel Ho.

Kris Fuchigami opened the Friday night concert in the Celebrity Showroom and was absolutely fantastic. This kid is going to be unstoppable and soon to be playing huge venues around the globe. Daniel Ho was the headliner for the Friday night concert and was also fantastic.

The Saturday night concert was another wonderful evening of ukulele bliss. Matt Dahlberg opened the show and even though he was suffering from pneumonia he managed to stay focused and deliver a commanding performance including his amazing arrangement of Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer". Matt also brought Kris out to join him on a high powered version of "Bodysurfing" that brought the house down.

The only downside to this year's festival was the 8 1/2 hour drive home due to the non-stop snowfall in the Sierras.

Here's a short video of Kris Fuchigami and myself jamming on Jake Shimabukuro's "Grandmas Groove". I hope I get the opportunity to jam with him again in the future.