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Archives for: October 2010

A Special Birthday Gift

I performed with Mike Goroll at the Dono dal Cielo Vineyard last weekend and received a very special gift from a wonderful little girl that Joanne and I met not long ago. Alexi, 8, likes art and is a very creative soul. While making herself a charm bracelet she suggested to her mother that she make something for me since it was my birthday last Sunday. Saturday afternoon she came to the vineyard and presented me with my special ukulele “bling” that she created from the image on one of my Dominator T-Shirts. It also has two charms. One says Aloha on one side and Hawaii on the other and the other charm is a plumeria flower. I was very moved by this wonderful gesture of Aloha. Thanks so much, Alexi. Your wonderful gift is dangling very proud from my new ukulele.

Rise & Shine - Milwaukee Uke Fest - Pre Party 2010

My good friend, Jon Prown, hosted a dinner party the night before the Milwaukee Ukulele Festival. After a wonderful feast of food and wine of plenty the playing and sing-alongs began. As things were about to wrap up Jon and I decided to give Rise & Shine a go. Rise & Shine is an original song I composed for the compilation CD that was put together in conjunction with Ukulele Underground and the Duchenne Foundation.

The compilation CD is a gift to all who are affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Inspired by those we have already lost, the proceeds will help provide some of the answers scientists are seeking for the living and those yet to be born. Please visit HERE for more information.

The fight again muscular dystrophy is such a great cause and I urge those that can afford to purchase the downloadable CD, to please do so.

The CD can be downloaded in mp3 format From CD BABY.

Jon and I had only briefly played through the song a couple of times earlier in the day and it may have been the vino but I think we locked in on the essence of the tune. It was a fantastic evening and I look forward to Milwaukee Ukulele Festival 2011.