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Archives for: November 2009

The Christmas Song - Video Tutorial

Tis the season once again. The holidays are upon us and before you know it Christmas will be hear and gone. Last season Aldrine Guerrero released a downloadable EP titled Four Strings of Christmas” consisting of 6 tracks.

1. Sleigh Ride
2. Winter Wonderland
3. The Christmas Song
4. Up on the Housetop
5. Carol of the Bells
6. Schizophrenic Snowflakes

I had intended to transcribe "The Christmas Song" and post a tab but never got around to it. I got an earlier start on it this year but ran into some challenges while entering it into the Powertab editor. I was afraid it would take too long to get the tab completed so I opted for putting together a quick tutorial. Turns out it wasn’t as quick as I had hoped for and extended into a second video. I will continue to work the tab but for now here are Parts 1 and 2 for Aldrine Guerrero’s arrangement of “The Christmas Song”.

The EP is available for download for a mere $6 US at the following LINK:

In the tutorial I don't actually play the song all the way through so I will be uploading a video of me playing it start to finish probably later today. That should help tie it all together.

I hope you enjoy the videos and are able to play this one for friends and family during the upcoming holidays. Merry Christmas to all.

EDIT: 11/29/09
And here is a video I recorded of the song start to finish to help tie the tutorials all together.

Kauai` 2009 - Back from Paradise

Though we had more than our share of rain this year the trip to Kauai` was wonderful. We got to spend some time with Aldrine Guerrero and the rest of the gang from Ukulele Underground as well as our good friend Kirby Keough. Here's a few pics from our music adventures.

Guess who the one is that doesn't live in the tropical sunshine?
The UU gang, Aldrine, Aaron and Ryan

Dinner with our good friend Kirby Keough at Keoki's Paradise

We did manage one nice sunset. This is the view directly accross the road from our place

Dom & Kirby laying down a few tunes at Joe's on the Green

Domintor jamming with Kahalau Leoiki and Keala Kauanui at the Lihue Airport on the way out of town

Here are a couple of videos from the trip.

Off To Kauai`

It's that time of year again. Heading to Kauai` in the morning for a week of relaxation and, of course, loads of ukulele fun. I will be meeting up with my buddy Kirby Keough and hopefully will meet up with Aldrine and the Ukulele Underground crew as well.

I've been working on transcribing Aldrine's version of "The Christmas Song" but it has been very slow due to the work schedule. If I can't get the tab completed then I may do a quick video tutorial when I get back so folks can have time to learn it before the Holidays are firmly upon us.

See you soon.