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Archives for: October 2009

Tropical Hawaiian Day - TAB

Tonight I'm posting one from the Ka`au Crater Boys that features some killer licks from the master, Troy Fernandez. I hade completed this tab a number of weeks ago but was waiting to get Troy's approval to post it. He contacted me a couple of weeks ago and gave me the go ahead but with the Southern CA Ukulele Festival and the Wine Country Festival activities going on I haven't had time to get it posted until now.

This is a fun 3 chord jam that you can play with a friend and it's even better if you can sing it. I've provided my interpretation of the rhythm but feel free to chunk away with something that works for you.

Tab is located on the tabs page via the link at the top of the page.

Wine Country Ukulele Festival - 2009

The 2nd Annual Wine Country Ukulele Festival was wonderful experience and great success this year. The festival kicked off on Friday night at the Judd's Hill Hula Party which essentially was a meet and great with great food, outstanding musicians and of course, wine and great music.

Saturday was the big festival day at the Beringer Vineyards that was loaded with ukulele vendors, continuous performances on the Promenade stage and excellent workshops, food and of course, more wine.

The festival couldn't have ended on a better note for us. We participated in the Brunch at Miner Family Vineyards which was such a unique experience. A table for 22 inside the caves with incredible food and wine pairings and the music of James Hill and Kimo Hussey. This was a priceless experience to spend this time enjoying the wine, food and music. You just would have had to be there to get the full impact.

A HUGE Mahalo to Elaine de Man for all her efforts in pulling this amazing event together.

Here are some pictures from the weekend and some videos of my performance on Saturday at Beringer Vineyards on the Promenade stage.

Southern California Ukulele Festival 2009

The 8th Annual Southern California Ukulele Festival was held last weekend in Cerritos, California. The crowd may have been slightly smaller than years past but it was jammed packed with enthusiasm and ukulele awesomeness. The Friday night “Club Night” was definitely missed as well as the late night jamming at the Sheraton but all in all it was a wonderful festival.

This was the first year that the peeps from Ukulele Underground were in attendance. They had an open mic with numerous enthusiasts and performers to mesmerize the captive audience. Thanks to Ricdoug for providing the sound equipment.

Here are a few pics from the event. Next stop: Wine Country Ukulele Festival this weekend in the Napa Valley. See you there.

Aldrine with his new Kanile`a Tenor Ukulele by Joe Souza

Aldrine & Dominator at the UU booth

Dom jamming & UU booth

Dom with his spruce top tenor

Gerald Ross getting his sound check

Dominator & Ukulele Bartt

Bruddah Mark and Jeff manning their booth

The extent of the after concert jam at the Sheraton

Jamming with Ali Lexa and Derick Sebastion at the end of Ali's Jazz and Blues Improvisation workshop

Jin Kim sporting a nice Dominator Ukulele Tabs T