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Archives for: August 2009

Neal Paisley's Gossip

I've been holding back from posting this tab for a few months now. I was hoping to post the tab at the same time I uploaded a video of me playing it to Youtube. But I just haven't gotten around to smoothing the song out and getting the video done. Since it's been a while since I posted a new tab I thought I would just go ahead and get Gossip uploaded to the site and worry about the video later.

This is an awesome song written by an extremely talented ukulele player from Wisconsin, Neal Paisley. He can spank the heck out of a soprano uke with the best of them. Check out his VIDEO and be sure to subscribe to his channel.

Tab is located on the TABS page.

Aldrine Guerrero - CA Tour - Update

Last weekend was a great time filled with lots of music, food, drink and loads of laughter as Aldrine Guerrero was in the bay area to kick off his CA Mini Tour.

Things didn’t start off so good though as the traffic from Sacramento to Berkeley was backed up big time. Normally it takes us about an hour and a half to get to Mike DaSilva’s shop but this day it took us over 3 hours. I missed Deach and Russbuss’ entire set as we strolled down the hallway hearing the audience applause for their last song. I didn’t even get to set my instruments down as I was directed immediately to the stage. My hands were sticky and clammy from the drive so I had Aldrine plug in my uke while I washed up a bit and then it was time to let the music begin. The crowd was great and very receptive which made things a littler easier. Below are a few pics from the night and some video taken by GrumpyCoyoteTunes of Ukulele Underground.

It was awesome to finally meet some members of UU that also have a collaborative YouTube channel known as Uke Crazy Bitches (UCB ). Among those I had never met before were AddelleTheGreat, GrumpyCoyoteTunes and Boozelele

Dom & Russ

Dom & Aldrine

Dom with Addelle and Boozelele

Dom & GrumpyCoyoteTunes

Dom & Deach

Dom & Russbuss415

Dom & Aldrine