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In Memory of Bandit (1995 - 2009)


Back in 1995, on a chilly Thanksgiving night in Ohio, we rescued a 4 week old puppy (or maybe I should say she rescued us) that had been abandoned along with her 4 other litter mates. They were all huddled fast asleep except for the runt of the litter who was standing up and stretching, just aching to get out of that darned box. As soon as my wife picked her up and saw the mask those two dark patches around here eyes produced she said “Oh, you little Bandit you”. Bandit stole her heart and the rest is history. Bandit stayed in Ohio until she was old enough to travel and arrived in California in January of 1996.

Bandit was a very special dog. She was a little princess. She was without question the smartest dog we ever had. She was always the favorite to take top prize at the annual neighborhood doggie Olympics as she new at least a dozen or more tricks.

Bandit became sick last December and was well enough to come home on Christmas day. She rebounded for a few months and then started to decline pretty rapidly over the last couple of months. Bandit left us this past Thursday and though it is difficult to come to grips with at least we know that she is no longer suffering and is now pain free.

Rest in Peace, Bandit.

1st Annual Tahoe Area Uke Fest

Tahoe Area Uke Fest
Don’t miss the 1st Annual Tahoe Area Ukulele Festival coming up in June. Ukes in the Forest? Ukes in the Cow Pastures? Sort of! Join us in Minden, NV, in the beautiful Carson Valley, June 26-28, just 25 minutes from spectacular Lake Tahoe, as 88 Cups presents the 2009 Tahoe Area Ukulele Festival and Music Filled Weekend!
Most of the UkeFest takes place on Saturday, June 27, but there are events on both Friday and Sunday as well so come early, stay late, and enjoy the spectacular Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe region!

I will be like a kid in a candy store as I get to open for two of the biggest female ukulele stars in the business, Brittni Piava and Victoria Vox. Make sure you get there early as the “Sign up and Strum” on the unplugged stage will start at 9:30am on Saturday June 27. Dan "Cool Hand Uke" Scanlan will also be performing and teaching throughout the day.

This should be a great first year event so make your plans and reservations NOW. Be sure to check out the official website for all the details.