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Archives for: April 2009

Jake Shimabukuro's - Piano Forte (Duet & Video)

After recording the solo version of Piano Forte my good friend Jon Prown added a second track to it. The result is pretty amazing. As a duet the song takes on a completely different feel with hints of something similar to Canon in D. Jon and I have been wanting to collaborate on a recording for a number of years now and I'm glad we got the first one under our belts. I'm looking forward to recording more with him in the future.

While Piano Forte was still fresh in my mind I decided to record it to video as an entry into the "I Want More Jake" contest that is being held by "thejumpingflea" over at Ukulele Underground. Wish me luck as I would love to be the recipient of the autographed CD of Jake's new Live CD. Hope you enjoy the audio and video recordings.

Piano Forte Duet - MP3

Piano Forte - Video

Jake Shimabukuro's - Piano Forte

Jake’s new Live CD is outstanding. His live performances have always been better than his CDs and this is the best I’ve heard him yet. He just keeps getting better and better. One of the standouts on the CD is Piano Forte. I saw one of his Youtube videos where the arrangement is changed a bit. I spent part of my Easter Sunday recording an audio only version based off the Youtube video version.

Piano Forte - MP3