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Archives for: February 2009

San Jose Ukulele Jam #5

Last weekend I maximized my musical intake by attendeding the 5th San Jose Ukulele Jam the day after my gig with the Classic Rock Band in Pleasanton. Heather, one of the members of Ukulele Underground,puts so much effort into these jam sessions making each one better than the one before.

One of the highlights was that she arranged for another well known lurker at Ukulele Underground, Deach, to fly in from the east coast just for the jam. It was a whirlwind trip for him and it was such a pleasure to finally meet him. Deach and Heather collaborated on a custom Fluke design for yet another Ukulele Underground member, Russbuss, and they surprised him with it during the middle of his set. It was an awesome day. Here are a couple videos from my set. I had the pleasure of having Alex back me up on the guitar for Gypsy Ukulele.


Gypsy Ukulele