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Archives for: December 2008

How to Play Ukuleles for Peace

Hi Everyone. I’m really excited about the opportunity to contribute to this very important project. You may already be familiar with the good works of Ukuleles for Peace. The charity is based in Israel and run by Paul Moore who teaches ukulele to Jewish and Arab kids and brings them together in a ukulele orchestra. The goal is to create friendships and links between otherwise entirely separate communities.

Ukuleles for Peace work in two towns - Tira and Hod Hasharon - where it has been hugely successful. There are even discussions about the group performing at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

But they do need money to keep up the good work and, hopefully, expand into other towns in the region. To that end, our good friend Al (Woodshed from Uke Hunt) contacted me to see if I would be interested in transcribing something specifically for this e-book of tabs. Of course, I was honored to participate and decided to transcribe one of Brian Hefferan’s ragtime arrangements, Cotton Eye Joe. Woodshed was able to get together a number of elite online ukulele performers and tabbers and the result is an e-book of tunes from around the world arranged for ukulele. It features tabs/arrangements from Brian Hefferan, James Hill, Ken Middleton, Mark Kailana Nelson, and Wilfried Welti in addition to me. You can find out more about it, read the contents, listen to tracks and buy it here. And the money goes directly to Ukuleles for Peace.

I hope you can find it in your heart to contribute to this project. Look at their little faces (and in this video). It is simply amazing how the power of music and the ukulele can make such a positive impact on these children’s lives.

If you can’t afford it, you can help even more by spreading the word about Ukuleles for Peace and the e-book by talking about it on blogs, forums, MySpace, Facebook, Live Journal and anywhere you can find people who might listen.

Thanks so much and Happy Holidays to all of you.

Ukulele Underground - Uke Minutes Episode 30

On my recent vacation the crew from Ukulele Underground (Aldrine Guerrero and Aaron (puremarkska) stopped by the condo at Lawai` Beach Resort on Poi Pu's south shore of Kauai to shoot some footage for some upcoming Uke Minutes episodes.

Episode 30 of the Uke Minutes serious of lessons is now up at Ukulele Underground. It covers the very basics of reading tab for the person who has never seen it before and has no idea how to use it to their advantage. Hopefully, we will be able to cover some more advanced topics relative to tablature in the future.

Uke Minutes Episode 30 - How to Read Tab

Henehene Kou `Aka - Video Tutorial - Part 2 - The Solo

I wasn't able to fit the solo on the end of the Basic Tutorial so here it is. Since I don't yet have a tab for this here is what I suggest. Just stop the video and write down the chord shapes/movements used during the solo (prior to trying to actually play it) and it should help speed up the process of learning it for you.

Henehene Kou `Aka Tutorial - Part 2 - The Solo

Henehene Kou `Aka - Video Tutorial - Part 1

I had the privilege of sitting in and playing a few tunes with my good friend Kirby Keough while visiting Kauai a couple of weeks ago. One of the songs we always jam on is Henehene Kou `Aka. I’ve been meaning to either do a tab or tutorial for this one for quite some time but just never seemed to get around to it.

Tonight I’m posting up a video tutorial that presents my approach to the intro and verse sections of Henehene based loosely on the version IZ plays on his Facing Future CD. This video isn’t as detailed as some of my previous tutorials and it still went beyond the 10 minute limit imposed by Youtube. I was hoping to be able to get it all on just one video but it didn’t work out that way. I will present the solo in another video in the next few days. Though not as detailed, I believe this tutorial will give you a good idea of how I’m approaching the tune and have you well armed to play it with your friends at the next club meeting or jam session.

Let me know your opinions on this abbreviated approach to the tutorials. If it works for you then maybe it will allow me to provide a greater number of tutorials in the near future.

Henehene Kou Aka Tutorial - Part 1