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Archives for: October 2008

Waimanalo Blues

A friend of mine made me a compilation CD of a variety of Hawaiian tunes a few years back and Waimanalo Blues was one of the tunes that really caught my attention. The intro licks are somewhat infectious give it a sort of happy vibe.

The basic progression is simple and straight forward using the I (G), IV (C) and V (D) chords in the key of G. The G major scale consists of G, A, B, C, D, E, F# and back to G. So rather than showing a large number of measures of just the chords I have presented the important parts in this tab, including the intro, the two ukulele chord solos and the ending.

The Tab can be downloaded from the TABS page using the link at the top of this page.

Honey Baby - Three Plus

I've had a number of requests for the tabs for Honey Baby by Three Plus. It is a simple 4 chord progression that I've jammed with Bruddah Mark and the gang a number of times but I never really new how the solos went. We jammed on this at Cerritos and I would just improvise and play whatever seemed to workout. I thought it was about time to put the ear to work and see what was going on with the solos.

There are some tutorials on Youtube and one of the guys has it really close and has been helping a bunch of folks get in the groove. I'm confident the notes are correct in my tab but I'm representing it here similar to the way I would play it. So feel free to use an open string where I choose to fret the note on an adjacent string etc.

I show just a basic rhythm throughout. You can spice this up however you'd like. I like to walk down in half steps every now and then when moving from the C#m to down to the Bm by adding the Cmin. It is a fun jam so just have fun with it. The same chords can be used to play Drop Baby Drop also. Do I see a medley in the making?

Here is a link to the mp3 on Youtube.

Have fun!

Wine Country Ukulele Festival

Saturday October 11th was the first ever Wine Country Ukulele Festival in St. Helena, California. For a first time event the festival was a great success. I didn't attend any of the workshops personally but I heard lots of good things about them. Some of the instructors were Kimo Hussey, Herb Ohta Jr., Konabob, James Hill and others.

Here's a pic and a video from my set.

From left to right:
Tonya (ukuleletonya) Dale, Elaine de Man, my wife Joanne, myself, Terry (Toebone) Tucker and Tom Borromeo.

Here is link to a video of Going to California from my performance. For those that have fast connections you can choose the high quality link just below the player on the right side of the Youtube page.

7th Annual Southern California Ukulele Festival

The 7th Annual Southern California Ukulele Festival was another great success this past weekend. Only a few light showers had people scrambling about for a bit but it cleared up rather nicely. I had the opportunity to meet many new people, match faces with screen names and visit with old friends as well. Among the new Ohana were Joe and Kristen Souza of Kanile’a ‘Ukulele. Such wonderful people. They sent the picture below with me and Bruddah Mark outside Mark’s booth.

Not only is MGM the nicest guy around but he has to be the hardest working person at theses festivals. Not only does he have to pack all those ukes and ship them to the festival to start with, but he then has to transport them, unpack and setup at one location for Club Night, pack them back up at the end of the night, set em up again the next morning and then pack em all up again at the end of the festival. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

This was my first time as a performer on the day stage and I was very pleased with the way the new Dominator spruce top tenor performed. From where I was onstage it sounded fabulous coming through the house system and it really delivered what I was asking from it. A special thanks to ke leo and misguided musician for recording it on video. It was definitely a “live” performance with a few clams here and there but I think there were a few good spots as well. I opened with Touch followed by Going to California and Shirley T. Then I brought Konabob and John Rockwell up to do Guava Jam, TNC and closed the set with Gypsy Ukulele. Once Ke leo has had an opportunity to edit the video he plans to send it to me for uploading to the site.

Once back at the hotel Bruddah Mark, Charlie, Rockwell, Peter Mari, Preston from Salt Lake and a few others jammed inside the bar until they closed up and cleared us out. Ke leo also got a couple numbers on video that he should be able to see soon.