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Archives for: June 2008

35 Year Class Reunion

I just got back a few days ago from visiting family in Michigan and Ohio. While I was there I also attended my 35 year High School Reunion. It was a great time and, as you can see from the pics, some of my classmates were in prime form as they did “the gator” on the dance floor.

When I attended the 30 year reunion I sat in with the band for a couple of tunes. The committee booked the same band and I was extended an invitation to play with them this year. They sent me a song list and there were a fair number of songs on the list that I currently do with my classic rock band, Rockslide. I brought my Stratocaster with me and had a blast playing with the band. Another classmate, Doug Cross, from Oakland, CA also joined the band with his saxophone.

Here's a pic showing Doug enjoying the company of several of the ladies that were getting loose and having a great time.

During the times I wasn’t on stage with the band I made a point to discuss my passion for the ukulele. The only reference for about 99% of the people there was that of Tiny Tim or Arthur Godfrey. I was asked if I was going to play Tiptoe Through the Tulips. I told them I was going to play some Led Zeppelin. Of course, I was told “you can’t play Led Zeppelin on the ukulele”. I politely told them to make sure they didn’t leave early.

When the band was finished with their last song the sound guy quickly plugged my Glyph into a direct box and set some levels in the PA. I played Going to California and While My Guitar Gently Weeps. The reception was overwhelming and I think most of them were very surprised to hear all of the music that was coming from such an unassuming 4 string instrument. My only regret is that I didn’t have a video camera to capture the moment. Here are a couple of pics. One from the back of the room where you can see everyone up front checking it out and the other showing how focused they were watching me play.

It was such a blast. Doug and I were invited to an after party where we played a few more tunes on ukulele with sax.