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Archives for: March 2008

Stars & Stripes Forever - Video

I got a new video cam over the weekend and wanted to give it a whirl so I decided to do a quick recording of Stars & Stripes. The audio is much better with the new camera and there is no more motor noise so I look forward to doing some new tutorials in the future.

I was able to adjust the brightness when capturing from analog with the old camera but this option wasn't available with the DV hookup via the firewire cable. I will have to look into this. The raw footage is much brighter than the captured video. I'm using Pinnacle Studio Plus 9.5 for any video buffs out there.


Tears in Heaven - Paul Luongo

Tonight I’m posting my tab for Paul Luongo’s most impressive arrangement of Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven”. Aside from the excellent bit of arranging, one thing that Paul has done which makes this arrangement even more special is that he preserved the original key of the recording. To play the arrangement as written will require tuning your ukulele up one full step to ADF#B using a low A. Those that don’t want to change tuning can also download the Powertab file (assuming you have a PC that will run PT) and change the tuning to GCEA and this will allow you to play along with the midi file during the learning process.

Paul has been very busy with school and other responsibilities and hasn’t had time to fully review and provide comments on the draft version of the tab. We’ve decided to post the draft version to give you all an opportunity to get started learning his arrangement. There are a couple of spots in measures 18 through 21 and again in the Bridge section that I wasn’t quite sure of. I think it’s very close and should suffice should you get that far along in the arrangement prior to me receiving any edits from Paul.

I noticed on Youtube that some folks were asking Paul about a video tutorial so maybe there’s a possibility he will be able to do that sometime down the road. Should you learn the song from this tab and post your video on Youtube please credit Paul for his arrangement.

The tabs and a link to Paul's Youtube video can be found on the TABS page.

Close To You - Video Tutorial Series Continued

Here are the final three videos for Close To You by the Carpenters. I hope these videos are helping you get your arms around this classic song.

Close To You - Tutorial - Part 4 - Main Melody

Close To You - Tutorial - Part 5

Close To You - Tutorial - Part 6 - Ending

Something - Ukulele TAB

Tonight I'm posting a tab to go along with the Video Tutorials for Something by George Harrison. Files can be downloaded from the TABs page.

Close To You - Video Tutorial Series

Last night I posted the first video in a tutorial series where I will be teaching you how to play a version of Close To You by the Carpenters. Aside from Gently Weeps this is one of my most requested songs. Currently, I don’t have a tab available for this one but the song can be learned from the videos alone.

After my recent experience with the “Something” tutorial I knew that multiple videos would be required. That’s when I decided to do a separate video explaining some possibilities for an intro to the song. I was expecting to be able to present this in a single video. Man, was I sure wrong. Not long into the editing process I realized that the intro itself was going to push its way into a third video. Unfortunately, my way of teaching is to just sit down and go through the sections just as I would if we were sitting in the same room together. At this time I can’t say for sure how many videos it will take to complete this series but I expect it to be a minimum of six.

Close To You - Tutorial - Intro Part 1

Close To You - Tutorial - Intro Part 2

Close To You - Tutorial - Intro Part 3