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Archives for: September 2007

Going To California

A few weeks back my good friend Jon Prown sent me his recording of the once popular Led Zeppelin song “Going to California”. He discovered a ukulele version on YouTube and worked out his own arrangement and recorded it. Here is a link to Jon’s mp3 which is an outstanding interpretation of this classic Jimmy Page tune.

Tonight I’m posting the tab for Going to California arranged for re-entrant ukulele. This tab is a basic interpretation of how I play the arrangement and is not meant to be a reproduction of Jon’s performance. I encourage those interested in learning this arrangement to feel free to change up the strumming wherever you think it will work for you. I’ve incorporated more finger-picking into the arrangement than is really necessary so modify things to make it work better for your own style and skill level. The open chord structure makes it play very well on the ukulele. Remember to navigate to the Tabs page from the link at the top of this page. Good luck and enjoy the arrangement.

Craig Robertson's "In Primer"

Aloha folks. I know it’s been months since my last update and even longer since posting my last tab. There are a number of reasons for this of which the biggest culprit is being swamped with the day job. I’ve been on a non stop end of the quarter crunch for the past 6 weeks. The only free time has been to do an occasional gig with the classic rock band and this past weekend I was able to take time out to see Jake Shimabukuro, Peter Frampton and the Doobie Brothers all perform some killer shows.

Tonight, with permission, I’m going to post Craig Robertson’s “In Primer”. Craig recently released a book of his lyrics and chords and I transcribed Primer specifically for his song book. In Primer is a fun little tune that tells a very real story. Craig is one of the best singer songwriters I’ve had the privilege to meet. I played this song for my dad when I was in Ohio back in June (before the flood) and he really liked it as well as the other CR tunes I performed for him. Give it a try. You might surprise yourself. Tunes don’t have to be difficult to be good. Oh, yeah, I’ve worked the lyrics right into the tab for your convenience. Click the TABS link at the very top of this page to get to the tabs page. Enjoy!