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Archives for: July 2007

Tiptoe Through The Tulips

Recently there have been some very lively discussions, to put it mildly, on various ukulele bulletin boards regarding Tiny Tim and what he did or didn’t do for the overall image of the ukulele. As a result of these recent discussions it was suggested that folks record their versions of Tiptoe through the Tulips and post them for all to hear. The thread was started on the Flea Market Music Bulletin Board and was then moved to the Ukulele Cosmos forum. Not all people participate in multiple forums so there are some versions that only reside at one of the BB/Forums. Several versions have been posted so far with the cutoff date being July 31st. There are some really creative arrangements including a most impressive rendition by Patsy Monteleone that I highly recommend giving a listen.

I wanted to participate and recorded my offering last night. TTTT has a really beautiful melody that just never seemed to come to the forefront in Tiny Tim’s performances. I have a new found respect for the song now and it was fun contributing to the thread. It also gave me another chance to work on the pipes a bit. The mix is a little heavy on the verb but the vocal just seemed a bit lifeless without some help.