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Archives for: June 2007

Mp3 Files

Some time back I had posted here in the blog an mp3 of Wahine Ilikea that I recorded with Kirby Keough from Kauai. I noticed the other day that it wasn’t listed in the mp3 at the bottom of the TABs page. I add it as well as a version of Blue Roses Falling that I recorded quite a while back also. You can listen and download them from the TABs page.

First Composition With Lyrics

Last week I went back to Ohio to visit family and my niece Emma told me a little story about a lady who received a ticket for double parking on the street. My sister was having a bad day and on the way home they stopped at the cleaners to pick up some laundry. While inside they saw a lady pull up and double park in front of the shop and run inside to get her laundry. No sooner than she got inside a police officer pulled up and started writing her a ticket. She ran outside and tried to talk him out of it but it appeared she was not successful. So as the lady ran outside Emma looked at my sister and told her (in a very animated Pink Panther voice) “She thought she was saving time but instead, she was committing a crime.” My sister busted up and this little episode brightened up her day a bit. As soon as she told me the story I told her that I knew a guy, referring to Craig Robertson, who could write a song about that.

After I got home from my trip I worked up a few lyrics to weave into one of my instrumental ideas that I was hoping to one day write some lyrics for. It’s definitely not a chart topper, but it was a very good exercise that I hope will make it easier to write songs in the future. Here is a rough demo playing my soprano prototype that I got back from Howlin Hobbit a while back.