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Archives for: April 2007

Let's Dance Video

In the past few days I've received a number of requests to see a video of Let's Dance. I took my partner's advice and cracked open a bottle of cab and decided to give it a go. I played through it a number of times and I thought my arms were going to fall off. After several passes I finally made it all the way through with a few rough spots. This is one of the most challenging pieces I've attempted in a long time. It's not that the chords are especially difficult, however, I did need to alter them somewhat as I mentioned the other night when I posted the mp3, but the hard part is to keep the momentum going and building throughout the song.

I've posted the video on Youtube but the audio and video are out of sync which is a common problem with YouTube videos. So I also posted it on my MySpace page and the audio and video are much better aligned in that format. So I will post links for both.

When going to MySpace if you don't wish to listen to the default mp3 of Wahine Ilikea, which features Kirby Keough and myself colaborating on a great Hawaiian classic, just stop the player and choose the video.



Jake's Let's Dance

Tonight I recorded my take on Jake’s Let’s Dance. When I first heard the solo version from the Gently Weeps CD I wanted to play this song. I also had lots of requests for the tab (which I have not put together as of yet) so I started to work it out and quickly realized that to play the correct chords it put my left hand in an awkward position that hurt. It actually caused similar feelings like when you hit your funny bone on the elbow. I actually thought playing this song might not be possible. My partner,Ukejon, and I have discussed this a few times.

I messed with it a few times here and there with the same results. Pain in the left hand that kept me from continuing to work on it. A few days ago I discovered that if I altered the chords on the main riff and played the G string open instead of fretting the A note at the second fret that I could move through the progression easier. It is still somewhat painful but more manageable. Even though I’m not playing the same voicings I still think it sounds Ok and decided to record it tonight. So I guess the moral of this long winded story is that even if a song or series of chords present a challenge you can always alter things to make it work for you.

I’m using a new microphone, a Studio Projects B-1 condenser and recorded with an old version of Cakewalk Sonar 3 and added a little reverb. Hope you enjoy it.

Let's Dance

How Quickly an Arrangement Can Evaporate

Last month when I posted my new video version of "Touch" I was able to play the arrangement in my sleep. In fact I went to sleep several nights with it running through my head and awoke the next morning with it still firmly entrenched. However, after spending time fully engaged in the day job and working on projects with the rock band I found that I had to spend a little time sorting it out when playing it the other night. One of the main reasons I started transcribing was to have a hard copy reference to go back to at a later time after I had forgotten how to play the arrangement. So I spent some time in the evening over the last couple of nights and put together a revised tab of Touch based on what I play in the video. Now it will be even easier to bone up on it if there comes an extended period of time in which I haven't played the song.

I hope to get some new tabs up on the site in the next month or so.

Dominator Soprano Review - Part 2

Howlin' Hobbit finally got around to posting Part 2 of his review of my soprano prototype and I finally got around to updating the website. Hobbit "Dishes the Dirt" as he puts it and provides the good and the bad in his review. Fortunately, most of the items on his negative list are based on personal preference and aren't actual flaws in the construction of the ukulele. I sent him the uke to review because I knew I could count on him to give his honest, and blunt, opinion and I appreciate that. A link to his the review is below.

Dominator Soprano Review - Part 2