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Archives for: March 2007

Touch - Jake Shimabukuro - New Video Version

A couple of weeks ago Jon sent me a link to one of Jake’s most recent Youtube videos. It is a very impressive version of Touch that was recorded at the end of January at the Belly Up Tavern in southern California. Jake plays with an enormous amount of emotion altering the tempo and just feeling and playing from his heart.

I’ve been swamped with the day job and out of town on business the last few weeks. I finally got some time last evening to work through it and so I decided to take a crack at recording it while it was still fresh in my mind. I don’t have my audio recording completely setup yet after reloading my computer at the beginning of the year so I had to settle for using my old analog camcorder. So I apologize for the motor noise that is present in the audio. I think it's time for a new camera.

I really like this particular Jake Shimabukuro composition. It has been interesting seeing it evolve with the different versions he’s performed and recorded since it was first released on the Million Miles Away DVD. In this version Jake employs some augmented chords that definitely change the mood of the piece.

I haven't been playing my Glyph all that much over the past year but now that I've sold the last two tenors I made I put some Worth extra hard tension strings on it and we've become re-aquainted. Hope you enjoy.

TOUCH - Video

Brittni Paiva's - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Tonight I’m posting Brittni Paiva’s beautiful interpretation of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" based on her YouTube video. Jon has had this one finished for a few weeks but things have been a little hectic and I wasn’t able to get it posted. We also wanted to get Brittni’s input which she so graciously provided. She plays a KoAloha strung with a low G but the arrangement works very well with re-entrant tuning. I’ve provided al link to the video from the Tabs page.

I’ve been pretty busy and my classic rock band, Rockslide, has been in the studio the past few weeks working on a new demo. Here is a link to the final mix of Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell for those that want to take a little detour from the ukulele routine. I love the ukulele but I still enjoy cutting loose on the guitar as well.
Rebel Yell mp3