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Archives for: January 2007

Skipping Stone - James Hill

Tonight I'm posting my transcription of Skipping Stone from James Hill's A Flying Leap CD. This is a very challenging piece that's not for the faint of heart. And that includes yours truly.

I presented James with my completed draft back in October at the Southern California Ukulele Festival. We discussed some issues regarding making it clearer to folks that the transcriptions were my interpretations and not transcriptions provided directly by him. That is why you will see the "Unofficial Transciption" tag in the title block of the tab.

I shelved the tab for a while because I was going to change transcribing software (which I still intend to do) which has more flexibility in providing and adding text to the score etc. Since I have not had a chance to work with the software yet we decided on the "Unofficial" tag in the title.

I'd like to thank James for taking the time this past weekend to review the tab and offer his input.

Follow the YELLOW Tab link at the top of this page (All the way to the top - not just the top of this post) to navigate to the TABS page to download the files.

Looking Forward to a Great 2007

Yes, this note finds me a little behind the 8-ball as the day job has picked up a fierce pace to start the new year.

During this past year I spent a fair amount of time honing my skills in the field of lutherie. This definately impacts the amount of time I can devote to transcribing new material for my site. I plan to devote a fair amount of time to building ukuleles in 2007 but still hope to transcribe new tunes for the site as well as put together some new video tutorials. This along with trying to compose and record more of my own music is sure to provide an action packed 2007.

It was nice to be able to meet many of you in person this past year. I wish each and everyone of you and your families all the best for 2007 and look forward to meeting more of you in the near future.