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Archives for: September 2006

Video Tutorials

Many of you have been requesting more video tutorials. Most of the requests have been for doing tutorials of songs composed or played by Jake Shimabukuro. Unfortunately, I don't have the necessary permissions to do this. I'm currently researching the subject and will update you all via this website if that should change.

In the meantime, most of my free time is currently being devoted to the construction of two tenor ukuleles in my workshop. I probably won't be working on or posting any new tabs during the time i'm working on the ukes. If I can, I may squeeze in a new mp3 or video performance but won't be producing any new tutorials at this time.

Thanks for your encouragement and support.

Feedback Function Disabled

Well, I've had to make the decision to eliminate the ability to provide feedback. I have been receiving a tremendous amount of SPAM lately and it's just far too time consuming to monitor and remove it. Feel free to continue providing feedbacks sending them directly to dominic at rcsis dot com. Thanks. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Trying Some Vocals on Craig Robertson's INK

Lot's of good music has been posted on the Ukulele Cosmos forum lately and I wanted to try my hand at doing a vocal tune. When I was working on the TAB for Craig's Houdini I noticed that the vocals were somewhat in my range. I took a listen to INK and it also seemed within my vocal range. I decided to take a shot at recording it this evening. So here it is recorded in a single live track.