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Archives for: August 2006

The Staten Island Slide - Video Tutorial

I put together the video tutorial for The Staten Island Slide last evening. The tutorial is split into two separate videos. The first is an introduction into the tune that briefly discusses my approach to developing this particular TAB and explains a little about music directional symbols used in many of my transcriptions.

Since it was difficult, from watching Craig’s video performance, to determine the exact picking pattern he employed with his right hand I decided to come up with a pattern that worked for me. This should serve as a good foundation for you to build on if you wish to.

Craig played his Johnny Marvin ukulele tuned to Bb in his video. Since the majority of us are tuning our ukuleles to GCEA I used C tuning in the tutorial.

The second video is the actual tutorial itself. I tried to zoom in closer on my right and left hands but this still proved to be a difficult task by myself.

This is a fun little song and a good one to develop some basic finger picking skills with the right hand. Enjoy the tutorial and I hope it makes it easier for you to master the song. The tab can be downloaded from the TABs page.


The Staten Island Slide - Craig Robertson

Last weekend Craig posted a video, shot on a beach in Maine, of him playing an original composition from his "practical hypnotism" CD. He played the song, titled "The Staten Island Slide", on his Johnny Marvin Pro that was tuned to Bb. The song has that "Rag Time" feel to it and it appealed to me right away, especially, after learning Jon Prown's Fox Point Rag. Craig's CD can be purchased by following this link to the ORDER FORM on his Website.

It's hard to tell from the video alone the exact picking pattern Craig employs with the right hand and the beach noise in the background makes it difficult to hear precisely what's happening in some of the spots. Therefore, I decided to take another approach with this particular transcription.

From watching the video I put together a tabbed arrangement (C tuning) of how I would play the song. I intend to put together a video tutorial to go along with the tab to demonstrate how you can arrange a song to fit your needs without getting too hung up on the details. So print out the TAB and watch CRAIG'S VIDEO to get familiar with the arrangement while I work on the tutorial.

Stay Tuned!

Guava Jam - Video Tutorial 2

The feedback was very positive on the initial video that tonight I completed the 2nd tutorial of Guava Jam. This second video is twice as long as the first at nearly ten minutes. I hope this doesn't cause too much trouble with downloading the file. I recommend taking the extra time and right clicking the link and saving the file to your hard drive so it will be available for you to work on without the need to stream the file. If this proves to be a problem I may need to edit the file and split it up into two separate sections.

I started recording it after work when it was still daylight outside. Then I got called to dinner. When I resumed work on the project it was dark outside and the lighting had drastically changed. You can see the difference pretty clearly at the beginning of the last two sections (section C and the Ending). Another thing I didn't realize until I was completely finished recording the video was that the oscillating fan was on in the room. I can hear the rumble of the fan in the audio. This is what happens when you don't have a controlled and dedicated facility for this type of endeavor. None the less I hope some of you can benefit from it in some way.


Guava Jam - Video Tutorial 1

Off and on I've had requests for Instructional Videos and lately, as a result of my recent posting of other videos, these inquiries have been quite numerous. I decided to experiment just to see what I could come up with. I've never done anything like this before and it's just me and the camera. I think it would be easier having someone working the camera and assisting in the process which would allow for close ups etc.

I put together the intro and the first two sections of A and A1. Please let me know if you think this is helpful. If so, I will try to put some additional material together as time permits.

If you are planning to use the video to work on the song I recommend right clicking the link below and downloading the file to your hard drive rather than burning up bandwidth while working on the song. Thanks!


Guava Jam - Ka`au Crater Boys

I completed the tab late last night. The new files have been uploaded.
Strum on!

Some time back on one of the bullentin boards someone mentioned a video of Abe Lagrimas playing a song that was labeled bananas and rice. Abe contacted me recently via my MySpace site and we talked briefly about the video. Turns out the song is actualy Guava Jam as played by Troy Fernandez of the Ka`au Crater Boys.

I took a look around and found a CD with Guava Jam on it and took a quick listen. Just like TNC it is centered in the Key of C with G7 and an added F chord to spice things up. I worked out the first few sections and have posted them to give you all a head start until I get around to completing it.

Working On Jake's Touch

This has been one of those crazy Mondays. Things are very busy at the day job and I needed to take a break this evening and work on Jake's Touch. I've seen Jake perform this tune a number of different times and he seems to change it up quite a bit.

The transcription I previously had posted on my site was based on his performance in the Million Miles Away DVD. He had just written the song and didn't even have a name for it at the time he played it when they filmed the DVD. When I saw him play it 2 years ago in Grass Valley at California Worldfest he had added some fuller chords and changed things up a bit. And with the release of Dragon and his most recent Japanese release, "Gently Weeps", it has taken on a different texture.

What I play in the video is sort of a combination of the different versions. I ran through the song once to check the zoom on the camera and then recorded the next take. I decided to just go with it, even though there are a couple of missed notes, just as if I were performing the song live. There are no second chances when playing live..........until the next day of course.

At any rate, enjoy the video and I hope it helps those interested in Jake's material.


Little Rock Getaway - Bryan Tolentino

Tonight I'm posting Bryan Tolentino's version of Little Rock Getaway. This is the second song I've transcribed from his debut CD Ka `Ukulele Lele. This is another great song to play together with another ukulele or acoustic guitarist.

Bryan's playing is so smooth and flowing on this as well as all the tracks on this CD. I can't say enough about this disc and highly recommend it if you don't already have it. You can get it online at Hana Lima Ia at a very good price.

Performance notes have been attached to the PDF. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do.

Working On Jake's Crosscurrent

I've been working on an arrangement of Jake Shimabukuro's Crosscurrent and since the video camera was setup I decided to give it a go. This is a very demanding piece for me and I find it difficult to get "into the zone", as I refer to it, on a consistent basis. This performance finds me moseying in and out of the zone as I work my way through the arrangement. It's good to have this visual reference to identify the areas that need improvement. I plan to tape some other Jake tunes in the near future and see how they turn out.