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Archives for: February 2006

Troy Fernandez - TNC

I have made progress on some of the Troy Fernandez licks from his Hawaiian Style CD. Getting the input into PT has proved to be a real challenge. There are some slight timing issues but the midi provides a fair representation of what it should sound like. Tonight I am posting the first 3 sections or so of TNC. These Hawaiian style riffs are really a lot of fun. I had the opportunity to jam on this one with a friend last night and it was a real blast. This will get you all started until I get the rest into PT. Enjoy.

David Kamakahi Ukulele Solo

I decided to take a breather from working out tunes by Jake and James and take another listen to Troy Fernandez's "Hawaiian Style" CD. I really don't have any Hawaiian flavored tunes under my belt so I thought it was about time to fix that. I am working on TNC and Waipahe'e/Maori Brown Eyes. Hope to have something posted in the near future.

In the meantime I am posting an ukulele solo by David Kamakahi from track 4 of the Hui Aloha CD. It is titled Palolo and goes out to Dr. Cookie who has been so kind to expose me to some really great Hawaiian music. Thanks Doc.

This solo can be used in a number of different songs with added variations. It certainly provides a good foundation to build from. David moves along pretty quickly so just take your time and work on a section at a time slowly and speed it up when the time is right. As always, have fun.