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Archives for: December 2005

Tropical Delight - Update

OOps! I was listening back to the midi file today and noticed something that didn't seem quite right. I mis-labeled one of the rhythm slash chords in the bridge twice. I had placed a D where I meant to put the Bm. I have uploaded the new files so feel free to update your old ones.

Tropical Delight - Herb Ohta Jr.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and wish everyone the best in the coming year. Not sure how all this MPA press is going to effect things here at Dominator Ukulele Tabs. In the meantime I will continue to post with permission from the artists.

At the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii Exhibition I spoke with Herb Jr. and got his approval to transcribe Tropical Delight from his Ukulele Breeze CD. Its not really a solo piece but more suited for being played with another ukulele or a guitarist. I really like this one. Talk about a happy feeling tune. This is definitely one of them. In the transcription I present the basic chord structure of the song. Herb actually has multiple tracks playing different chord voicings. So feel free to experiment with different chord voicings but be careful not to step on the melody. Enjoy and thanks to Herb for allowing me to share his music for the benefit of us all.

BTW, I have also completed two new transcriptions of a couple of James Hill tunes. I am waiting to hear back from him for his input on the first one so hopefully I will be able to post them soon.

BalsaBoy's "Twanger"

Over at Taro Patch BalsaBoy was talking about the "twanger" that he has on one of his ukuleles. He is going to duplicate it on an ukulele he is building and see how it works out. Here is a hand sketch of the twanger.