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Archives for: November 2005

Pictures From Kauai & The 4th Annual Ukulele Guild of Hawaii Exhibition

Here are a few photos from Kauai and the 4th Annual Ukulele Guild of Hawaii Exhibition and Conference. I didn't get many pictures from the first night at the banquet or the instruments that were on display. All in all a great time and I can't wait till next year.

Photos are Here

Jake Shimabukuro Tabs Removed

Tonight you will notice that I have removed the links to the Jake Shimabukuro tabs. Some issues have come up regarding the tabs and Jake has asked me to remove them until the details and/or issues can be worked out. I do so out of respect for Jake, not only as a musician but, as a kind and generous human being. I know Jake supports the purpose of Dominator Ukulele Tabs but until some of the legal issues can be worked out the tabs must be removed.

For those of you that already have the tabs but don't have the CDs, I have left the midi files in tact as a point of reference when working with the tabs.

Back From Hawaii

We just got back from a wonderful trip to Hawaii which consisted of a week on Kauai and the weekend on Oahu for the 4th Annual Ukulele Guild Exhibition and Conference. I will provide more details and some photos when I have time.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving holiday.

Mystery of the Dull Sounding Ukulele Solved

Well, I am off to Kauai in the morning and will end my travels on Oahu and attend the 4th Annual Ukulele Guild Exhibition and Conference. A couple of weeks ago when I finished my mahogany tenor I wasn't too excited about taking it with me to the UGH event. However, now that I have discovered the problem of why the uke wasn't projecting and sounding very good there is no way I could leave it at home.

I had talked with Mike DaSilva of the DaSilva Ukulele Company and asked if he could look the uke over to check the intonation etc. and see if he could spot an obvious reason why it was sounding so poorly. His inspection uncovered one of my "Ukulele Building Blunders". While feeling around inside the sound hole he discovered a block of wood stuck to the top of the soundboard. As soon as I felt it I realized that I had used it for a support caul when gluing on the fretboard. I attached it with dual stick tape and when I removed the clamp the following day it stayed attached and I forgot that it was even there. I tried to get it out but it wouldn't budge leaving me to wonder whether any glue could have somehow gotten where it shouldn't have. Mike said it was probably killing some of the highs. When I arrived back at my shop I went out and, using a screwdriver and fretting hammer, smacked it a few times and it popped out.

When I tuned it back up the difference was amazing. The uke now responds much very well. It is a lot louder and you can feel it resonate as well as hear it resonate. The Ko'olau Golds seem to sound better each day. I still think it is probably better suited for re-entrant based on my current playing preferences but I will give the low G a try for a least until I get back from the UGH Exhibition.