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Archives for: September 2005

Progress on Tenor No. 2

I made some progress on the tenor this weekend and have posted a few pics that are linked from my Woodworking page.

Nothing new on the TAB front at this time.

Tenor Number 2

Not much time for transcribing as I have been buried with the day job. This weekend I decided to spend some time and start my second tenor ukulele. I hope to have it done in time to take it with me in November to the 4th Annual Ukulele Guild of Hawaii Exhibition.

I won an Ebay auction about a year ago for a mahogany parts kit from Hana Lima Ia. I decided it was time to put it to use. This uke is going to be a basic, no frills, model. I want to eliminate the extra stuff that would make the process take additional time. It will be an all mahogany top, back, sides and neck with a long scale rosewood fretboard and bridge. The fretboard will be flat (no radius) and slightly wider similar to Jake's Kamaka (he calls Buffy) with the classical headstock. I am going to try to focus on building it lighter hopefully achieving a much better sound than my first.

Since the pieces in the kit are pre-cut to approximate size I was able to make pretty good progress in just a day and a half. Here are a few pics.
Top - Rough cut and ready for final thicknessing.
Completed Back.
Sides - Ready for bending and Long scale Rosewood Fretboard after Slotting.
Neck - Scarf jointed and grooved for carbon reinforcement rod.

Hopefully, I will be able to work on it a little in the evening during the coming week. Till next time, Keep Strumming away.