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New Site Layout

"HUGE" thanks go out to Zathras for helping me with webspace for Dominator Ukulele Tabs. While he was at it we decided to modify the site just a bit as it was starting to get a little cluttered and busy. All the info is still here but much is stored in the Archives off to the right. Just click on the month and year you want and hopefully you will find what you are looking for. All of the transcription/tab files are all still located on the main page.

I hope you enjoy the new layout. If you find any broken links please email me and I will get them squared away.


8/28/2005 - Some of you may remember my big blunder of gluing on the bridge on my first tenor uke in the wrong place causing the intonation to be way off. I had temporarily fixed it by attaching another piece of saddle material to the original saddle. This corrected the intonation issue but because of the flat surface of the two saddles together it buzzed quite a bit and on top that the bridge pins kept popping out after about the 3rd string change. The result = stayed in case tucked away in the corner.

Recently, I removed the original pin bridge and replaced it with a tie bridge. I took this opportunity to make sure I glued the bridge on at the proper location for the scale. My objective was to get it playable again and set it up to work on transcribing some of James Hill's tunes. He uses D tuning which adds even more tension to the already increased tension of the long scale. I consulted with Mike Atkins at Alternate Tunings and he suggested a standard set of black Hilos made for a baritone uke and a Silverplated D'Addario for the low A. I strung it up last week and the strings seem to be working just as I had hoped. Tuned to ADF#B the tension seems normal to me. I had Aquilas on it previously and when cranked up that tight they didn't feel right at all. Thanks Mike for guiding me in the right direction. With the new bridge, saddle and the action slightly higher than before it doesn't buzz and is a little louder. Still pretty dead and non-responsive but number 001 now has a new purpose for the time being.

So I put it to work today and worked on the intro to Uke Talk from James Hill's newest CD, A Flying Leap. The intro is played freely and much slower than the rest of the tune. I doubt many of us will ever be able to play it up to tempo (including me) but it sounds pretty cool at a slower pace.