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Archives for: July 2005


7/25/2005 - Tonight, I am posting Jake Shimabukuro's "Blue Roses Falling". This arrangement is a combination of his "Live" performance at the Beach House from his "Million Miles Away" DVD and some of what I picked up from his performances in Sacramento and Grass Valley. I will eventually record and post a new mp3. I recorded the current one prior to working out some of the details. This is another really fun song to play solo. Enjoy.


7/21/2005 - Tonight I am posting track number 4, "Eleanor Rigby" from Gerald Ross' new CD, Ukulele Stomp. The key to playing this arrangement is to keep the 4th string open G droning as consistently as possible. Take it slow and work section by section and then bring it up to speed. If all goes well I will have some other tracks to offer from this wonderful CD in the future. If you haven't yet purchased this CD I highly recommend it. To order just visit Gerald's Website


7/19/2005 - I posted an updated version of Whoopsi Daisy because there were some inconsistencies in the octaves the notes were displayed in. Should be consistent now.


7/18/2005 - I told everyone a quite a while back that I was working on Dan "Soybean Sawyers's" "Whoopsi Daisy" from his "Uke of Ages" CD. Dan and I have finally been able to get together and work out the details. I want to thank Dan for taking the time to proof the tab and provide input during this process. He helped fix several areas to provide correct chord names/voicings and timing issues. This is a great song and a lot of fun to play. Enjoy.


7/17/2005 - I attended the World Fest in Grass Valley yesterday. Jake Shimabukuro gave a workshop on ukulele improvisation. It was nice to just sit around as people asked him questions about his life and playing the ukulele. He took me by surprise and introduced me to the crowd and sang high praises of Dominator Ukulele Tabs. He told anyone interested in playing the ukulele should visit as there were many tabs available on the site. It was very cool. Here are some PICTURES FROM THE WORKSHOP.

7/10/2005 - Here is one

7/10/2005 - Here is one of Jake's Live Solo performances from his second DVD titled "Million Miles Away". At the time he recorded the DVD he didn't have a name for the song as he had just composed it two days earlier. The liner notes tell me the song is called "Touch". This is a very pretty piece. It is played very slowly with much feeling. No flash in this one. Just pure sweet melody. I used repeats to shorten the length of the transcription therfore leaving out some of the little differences on the second pass through the progression. Jake just plays it slightly more aggressively the second time through adding a couple of slides etc. The midi files sounds a little funky at times due to none other than "timing issues" .....pun intended. Once you have the basic progression down just add your own picking and strums and play what is comfortable to you. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I am.


7/04/2005 - SHOULD JAKE GO SOLO?: Today I recorded an arrangement of Jake Shimabukuro's "Blue Roses Falling". Many folks on the various forums and bulletin boards have expressed opinions that Jake should abandon the "Kenny G" approach to recording his CDs and go "solo". Though I somewhat share in these opinions, and currently play in a 5 piece rock band, I also see value in his band approach. There are at least two songs from the "Play Loud Ukulele" DVD, "Skyline" and "Sunday Morning", that I could see my band adding to our repertoire. However, this would not be the case if my only reference was the CD versions of theses songs. Playing "Live" with his band removes one layer of production from the music. The "Live" version of "Sunday Morning", for example, is a very different arrangement with an added part that is not on the studio cut at all. I happen to like the "Live" version much better.

If you take another level of production out of the mix then we have Jake where we really want him. SOLO. The third song Jake played at Borders in Sacramento on June 12 was "Blue Roses Falling". It had a catchy little melody and I knew I needed to learn to play it. I purchased the "Walking Down Rainhill" CD of which it is track number 08. When I listened to the CD version the rhythm is hard to make out and the melody is played as a single note line over top the rhythm. It really didn't sound like the song he performed at Borders. I had to listen a few times very closely before I could really confirm it was the same song. I also purchased Jake's second DVD "Million Miles Away" at the concert. Jake performs "Blue Roses" solo at the Beach House in front of a small but enthusiastic crowd. This is how I remember the song sounding at Borders. He incorporates the melody line in with the rhythm and his personality and aloha come alive in the performance. With the song in its raw, stripped down, form I was able to capture the arrangement.

The bottom line and whole point of this rambling is that if I hadn't seen this song performed as a Solo piece I would not have been able to figure it out from the studio CD and quite possibly wouldn't have had the desire to do so. Even though I like the "Live" performances with his band I hope to see Jake go back to a more SOLO approach to recording in the future.

Eventually, I will get a transcription put together for this or a similar arrangement.


7/03/2005 - Today I put together an arrangement based on Jack Johnson's recording of "Breakdown". I had a few requests for this one so I hope you enjoy it. I kept it simple with just two ukes. One playing a rhythm figure in the background throughout and the second uke switches between rhythm and the solo lines.