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Archives for: March 2005


3/26/2005 - I was kicking back last night listening to Gerald Ross' recorded version of "Easter Parade". Gerald has a style/feeling/call it whatever you want that comes from within and is evident in his recordings. I hope I can one day incorporate some of his Aloha in my own playing style. I started playing around with it this morning and came up with an arrangement that I am comfortable playing that is very similar in structure to what Gerald has put together. This is not intended to be an exact transcription as this would be nearly impossible. I am posting a PDF and a midi file. I am not posting the PT file because many of the measures are either under or over in count so there are several errors when doing the score check. So the music readers may not benefit from this but those tab readers can definately get in the groove by working with the tab and Gerald's recording. Have fun. NOTE: Now that Gerald has released his debut ukulele CD, Ukulele Stomp", his original mp3 recordings are not availalbe on his site.


3/23/2005 - I have had no time for any transcribing as of late and therefore no updates to the site. Matthew Schneider asked if I would post one of his tabs that he put into the Powertab format. Here is the main riff from the Ventures version of Wipeout. The original key of C has been transposed to A in Matthew's interpretation of this classic surf tune. Enjoy.

If I can find time, I have some transcriptions in the works that I think are pretty special. So stay tuned.