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Archives for: February 2005


2/21/2005 - I have received a few requests for "Sweet Home Alabama" arranged for ukulele. I put an arrangement together yesterday that includes the intro, verse, chorus and the interlude. This provides the basis for the entire song. It is just D, C and G. Use the TAB for the licks in conjunction with the Chords and Lyrics provided by Jerrold Connors on the Ukulele Boogaloo site and you will have everything you need. In order to be able to reproduce the licks for ukulele it was necessary to use Low G tuning. Remember, you can never have too many ukes. Have fun with it.


2/19/2005 - Hi Folks! I have been super busy with work and have not had a chance for anything ukulele. Last night I started working out the details of "Whiter Shade of Pale" from the Ohta-San recording Body Surfing and managed to finish it this morning. Pauline was so kind to send me the CD and this transcription is especially for her and, of course, for anyone else interested in this particular tune. Hope you can have some fun with it. There are at least a couple other tunes on this CD that are worthy of transcribing including a very nice arrangement of the Journey hit "Open Arms". Hopefully, I can find time to get to these but I also want to start working on the opening tune from Herb Ohta Jr's Ukulele Breeze CD. I will probably work on it first...........but then again, I just purchased Soybean's Uke of Ages CD and it is full of tunes worthy of transcribing. What to do, What to do................