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Archives for: January 2005


1/23/2005 - I received a couple of pictures from one of Fran Guidry's friends that were taken the night that Herb Ohta Jr. conducted an ukulele workshop in Berkeley. At the end of the session I asked Hereb if he would do me the honor of playing my walnut tenor that I had completed a few months earlier. He handed me his KoAloha and we jammed on Kaulana O Hilo Hanakahi.. It was an awesome experience. Thanks go out to Fran for hunting and searching out the photos.


1/17/2005 - I have uploaded some updated "Super Mario" files. I had been working on this a while back and thought I was going to be able to finish the entire thing before updating. No such luck. This version has a few different chord voicings that I think are the correct ones and includes 90% of the ukulele lead solos played by James Hill.


1/16/2005 - Yesterday I spent some working out some of "Aboriginal Blue" which was posted on Flea Market music last week. It is recorded by Gerald Ross who is an accomplished musician on a variety of instruments. When you get time surf on over to his Personal Website as well as the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association site of which he is a member of the Board of Directors.

Gerald has a very unique style that lends itself well to this sweet little blues ditty. I corresponded with him up front because I thought it seemed like a swing tempo but wasn't sure. Many other blues arrangements are in straight time. Here was his response " Swing feel... If you listen to my guitar, uke and steel playing you will quickly notice that I tend to swing everything. It's just what my DNA does (sometimes I wish I could stop it). I really don't think about adding it to my phrasing. For years I've played rhythm guitar with Old Time Jazz, Old Time Fiddle and Bluegrass bands. I developed this style as a result of never working with a drummer and having to hold down the rhythm section. I always felt I was the snare drum for the group." The tab files below represent the first two passes through the progression. There are two more passes to complete the arrangement but I will not be able to get to it for at least a couple of weeks. The day job calls. I sent the tab to Gerald for review and he has given it his blessing. I think the tab is pretty accurate but there are certain elements of Gerald's playing that just can't be transferred to paper. Gerald also asked that I include his email in case any of you have any particular questions regarding the recording. Gerald's Email. NOTE: Now that Gerald has released his debut ukulele CD, Ukulele Stomp", his original mp3 recordings are not availalbe on his site.


1/08/2005 - I updated the Beginner version of Hawaii 78 again. Changed a couple of notes to make the pattern more consistent for beginners and edited the title to reflect that it is the beginner version.


1/05/2005 - The double notes that occur on the C string in the picking pattern for Hawaii 78 can be a little tricky for those players just starting out. So I put together another version of the pattern that uses the G string in place of one of the double tones which places the notes in a much more natural picking order. This should make it easier for the beginner who wants to work on a song that uses a finger picking pattern. I also slowed down the tempo in the midi output file so you can play along as you practice. Good luck.


1/04/2005 - A few months back someone was requesting the picking pattern to Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's Hawaii 78. Here is the intro up to where the vocal starts. The pattern changes a bit throughout the song but if you know the intro you can then make the adjustments as necessary.


1/02/2005 - We just spent Christmas in Hawaii with my sister and her 11 year old daughter, Emma. She loves to sing and during our stay she learned the words to Mele Kalikimaka. My sister wanted me to make a CD of Emma singing to take back to the rest of the family. So we spent New Years Day in the "studio" and layed down a few tracks. I recorded a couple of uke tracks and then Emma put down her vocal. to Mele Kalikimaka. My sister insisted that I sing on the recording with her and I could not convince her otherwise. I have a bit of a head cold but gave it a shot anyway. Here is a link to Mele Kalikimaka and a few pics of Emma in the "studio". PIC 1 PIC 2

Here is a version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow she performed at a school recital that brought my sister to tears that first night she heard her perform it. She does it a cappella and without a reference note to start. I recorded her voice straight into the computer without any post production before taking it to CD. This little girl has loads of talent and has recently begun taking voice lessons. I say watch out Star Search and American Idol as with a few years of training she will be amazing.

1/01/2005 - A little about

1/01/2005 - A little about me: Primarily a self taught guitarist, pursuing the ukulele for approximately five years, I have spent the last couple of years concentrating on all things ukulele. Not being able to find tablature for the ukulele in the same quality and format as was (and still is) available for the guitar is the motivation behind this site. Since books containing ukulele tab were not available, I decided I would try to transcribe the songs myself and make them available for others to learn from as well.

Being self-taught, I know very little about music theory. I know enough about the Modes that I can improvise and construct solos, for guitar, without any major issues. I find tablature much more suitable for me than learning to read notes on the musical staff. Therefore, the tabs presented on this site may have errors regarding correct key signatures, time signatures and notes that may be written in the wrong octave etc. I am sorry if this is an inconvenience for those who choose to read the musical staff and prefer not to use the tablature staff when learning a particular song. If I could, I would eliminate the music staff all together but my transcribing software does not currently support that function. This is why I always recommend listening to the original recording, or in some cases my recorded mp3, to get the timing and feel for the song. By doing so and placing your fingers on the fret board as indicated in the TAB you will be well on your way to playing the songs listed on this site. As always, I will do the best I can to answer any questions you may have. So, choose your favorite songs and strum, strum away. Dominator!


1/01/2005 - Happy New Year to everyone. Jesus Joy of Man's Desiring has been updated with the correct key signature and the low G has been corrected to the appropriate octave. Hopefully, this will help some for those attempting to read the musical staff in lieu of relying on the tablature notation.