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Archives for: November 2004


11/28/2004 - The recording of Eucalipstick that I did on Thanksgiving was pretty weak and so after recording Canon in D yesterday I spent some time today practicing Eucalipstick. After getting warmed up a bit I turned on the recorder again. Though there is still lots of room to improve, this time I managed to find and hold the groove much better. Still required a couple of punch-ins but hopefully, I will be able to play it all the way through before too long. This is proof that practice does pay off. So keep practicing and keep those fingers limber. Here is a link to the new version.


11/27/2004 - Still not in the right frame of mind for transcribing so I thought I would record Canon in D to go along with my transcription. I recorded 4 tracks using my walnut tenor for everything but the stummed chords which were played on my Fluke. This one was a lot of fun to put together and I hope you like it.


11/25/2004 - Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Uke World and beyond. I was planning to transcribe some of Jingle Bells or Christmas Island today but that wasn't going to well so I decided to take a break. I have had numerous requests to record more mp3s to accompany my transcriptions. I don't think its any secret that I am a huge fan of Canada's ukulele virtuoso, James Hill. I thought I would take a crack at recording Eucalipstick from his On the Other Hand CD. I have learned a lot working on this since posting the original transcription. Many of the chord voicings I choose now are slightly different than those shown in the tab. The transcription below, though incomplete, still gives a good representation to work with until I get a chance to update it. Hope you enjoy and if you don't have his CD I strongly recommend it.

BTW, I forgot to mention that I am playing it in GCEA tuning with the low G. James uses ADF#B with low A and therefore, the transcription is in the D tuning.


11/21/2004 - As many of you know, I have been working on some of James Hill's recordings. I spent the afternoon recording "Misirlou" from his On the Other Hand CD. I am using my walnut tenor with low G tuning. I opted not to tune a full step up to ADF#B as James does. The strings just seemed too tight that way and the tenor already has a bright almost brittle sound to it. The added tension made it ker plunk and their was a loss in volume which it has none to spare. If you listen closely you will discover that I did not do this 3 minutes in a single take. I played it through without stopping but then had to go back and punch in at least a half a dozen spots where there were obvious train wrecks. Even with lots of practice I think it will still be difficult to play start to finish without flubbing, especially in front of other people. I needed a good challenge and I think I found it in this tune. Here is a LINK to the bottom where the file is located.


11/18/2004 - Last night I recorded a sort of Jazzed up version of Jingle Bells that I arranged. Two tracks with some reverb added to sweeten it up a bit.


11/15/2004 - The holidays are fast approaching so I thought I would work out a version of Jimmy Buffet's "Christmas Island" based on the version Willie K recorded on his Willie Kalikimaka CD. After working out some of the parts I put a rough recording together. I put a low G string on my tenor and used it for both ukulele tracks as well as the solo. The last thing I did was try to add a vocal. That is when I realized that I had omitted a section right after the solo. It was supposed to repeat the part about staying up late like the islanders do. I was too far into it to turn back so it is what it is. I don't claim to be much of a vocalist so go easy on me. I will put a transcription together eventually. Maybe I can get it done over the Thanksgiving holiday. Here is a link to the mp3.