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Archives for: October 2004


10/17/2004 - Last evening I went to watch a high school buddy play sax at a local club in Sacramento. I brought my tenor so I could show it to him. I started tinkering with my version of Yesterday and his guitar player suggested I open their next set with the ukulele. I was pretty nervous since I had never played ukulele in front of people in this situation before but did manage to pull it off. The crowd was very reseptive and the whole story could be summed up by the smiles on their faces. It was pretty cool. Here are a couple of pics my wife took. PIC 1 PIC 2


10/12/2004 - This evening I finished my version of Crazy G which is based on the version Jake Shimabukuro does on his Sunday Morning CD. This transcription is not a note for note account of Jake's performance and respresents my interpretation based on his "Live" recording. This is a great one because you can just let yourself go and strum till your hearts content. Fast or slow it will sound just great. Enjoy. BTW, the transcription does not include the tab for the introduction. I left it out because the strumming made the midi file sound bad. However, the chords used are the first five chords in the order they appear at the top of the page. Just strum down and up as fast as you feel comfortable while switching the chords. Good luck.


10/11/2004 - I have been totally awestruck of late by the playing of James Hill. I have been attempting to workout a few of his arrangements and make them available. James is currently reviewing "Eucalisptick" and I will incorporate his comments and update the transcription. I have begun to tinker with "Dance for Eight Legs" and "Laugh 'til You Cry", both from "On the Other Hand". Late last night I recorded a couple little snipets just to see if what I was figuring out would sound anything like what I was hearing on the recordings. Both are played at about 80% of the correct tempo. I am not physically able to play that fast at this stage and these recordings are not for the purpose of, nor do they, showcase my playing in any way. Matter of fact, I am almost embarrassed at how poor my playing is on the laugh excerpt. But for now, it is there to remind me to keep practicing in hopes of smoothing things out. Both are played on my OU-2 which I have tuned up to ADF#B with low A. Laugh is played with a guitar pick and occasionally you can here it smack the neck and the sound board as I strum. Dance is played with fingers only.


10/5/2004 - This evening I recorded a snipet of Crazy G on my newly completed tenor. The uke lacks some midgrange and bass response so the tone is a little bright. But hey, it was my first one and it can only get better from here forward. Take a listen and let me know what you think, good or bad. Sound file is raw with no reverb or affects of any kind. And don't pay any attention to my dog barking in the background. BTW I plan to post a transcription of this song one of these days.


10/3/2004 - I completed my first tenor uke this weekend. What a learning process this has been. You can see a few pics and read about it HERE.