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Archives for: September 2004


9/22/2004 - I have had numerous requests for "Super Mario Brothers" by James Hill. Here is an excerpt up to the ukulele solo. You can get started on these sections while I work out the solos.


9/19/2004 - Most of you are making your way back from EXPO 2004. I sure wish I could have been there because I have yet to have the opportunity to see and hear James Hill perform live. I spent the weekend working on a few of his tunes from his second CD, "On the Other Hand" and offer you an excerpt of "Eucalipstick". His songs are definately not for the timid player and will require some serious practice time. However, compared to most of the other songs on the CD this one is one of the easier ones (if there is such a thing). The excerpt (six pages worth) takes us up to and including the percussive section of the bridge. I have the rest of the song completed with the exception of the last couple of chords at the end. It is just a matter of getting it all entered into powertab in the right timing etc. Sometimes that takes more time than figuring out how to play the song. And BTW, James tunes his uke ADF#B with a low A.

I am working on "Laugh Till You Cry" and should have an excerpt in the near future. I figure that it is better to post the incomplete transcriptions to give you all a head start while I work on completing them. Believe me, there is plenty of work in the excerpt to keep us all busy for a while.

I am also working on "Super Mario Brothers" theme song from his first CD but am not getting very far. The other instruments are causing me some grief at the moment but I will stick with it for a bit and see what I can come up with.