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Archives for: August 2004


8/31/2004 - I just heard back from Fleastomper today and he has given the thumbs up after reviewing my transcription of his version of the 12th Street Rag as recorded on the Glyph Ukulele site. There has been a lot of interest in this particular version as noted in some the BBs and the many emails I have received. I am sure you will all have fun with this one. I sure am.

I have some James Hill in the works and hope to post an excerpt of Eucalipstick from his CD On the Other Hand soon.


8/24/2004 - I went back and listened to the KP Shuffle again. Then I listened to the midi file I had posted here and decided I needed to do something about it. It has been almost a year since I tried putting that excerpt together and I remember having a difficult time with it. I never could figure out the B section at that time. Here I have re-arranged a larger excerpt that includes the B section and is arranged in re-entrant tuning in GCEA. So the basic makeup of the entire song is present but I have not included all of the repeated sections. Rudy embellishes each section a little more with each pass. Once you get the basic progression going just let yourself go and improvise till your hearts content. Enjoy!


8/8/2004 - This evening I have completed transcribing one of the sound files from the Glyph Ukuleles site. It is an arrangement of "Moonlight Becomes You" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" played and recorded on a Glyph Concert ukulele by James (Fleastomper) Key. James is a very accomplished player and I knew I needed to figure out how to play it as soon as I heard it. I want to thank James for assisting me in the process. He provided me with some of his hand written tab which helped me correct some of the chord voicings I had come up with that were not correct. I hope to transcribe at least one more song from the Glyph site in the near future. I hope you enjoy James' arrangement because I know that I sure am.

I have included a section of Performance notes at the end of the pdf file that offeres some suggestions on fingering the B diminished chord in the 31st measure.

I am about 3 or 4 weeks away from completing my first tenor. I can't wait to get the finish on it and string it up. I will let you all know when it is finished.