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Archives for: June 2004


6/26/2004 - It has been over a month since I posted any new transcriptions. I have been focusing on building my first tenor uke from scratch. I have been super busy with the day job and so free time has been hard to come by as of late. I have managed to get the sound box assembled and am getting ready to start work on the binding and perflings.

On the music front I did put together a solo arrangement of "Yesterday". I purchased Herb Ohta's book and CD from Jim Beloff. The purple one from the Ukulele Masters series. His arrangement has two tracks on the CD. One playing the rhythm and one playing the melody line. I found that some of the chords and voicings listed in the book were just not working for my ears. So I decided to arrange something that did sound pleasing to me and I think it can be mastered by even the beginning player with persistence, practice and a little patience. Have fun and let me know what you think of the arrangement.